I am interested in adopting one of your dogs. What do I need to do? 

Excellent question! Please head over to the Adoption page and learn about our adoption process. Once you've read the process and our requirements, please complete an Adoption Application (also located on that page), and we will get the process started. 


I keep reading and hearing about "Foster-to-Adopt." What does that mean? 

Foster-to-Adopt is a great way to adopt a dog. An interested person completes the Foster/Adoption Application, and once approved, is ready to foster a Havaheart dog. Once a dog is placed in a foster home, the foster family get "first dibs" on adopting any HavaHeart dog in their care.


Once the dog is up-to-date on their vet care and their spay/neuter is complete, the foster may choose to adopt that dog. From there, an Adoption Application is completed and submitted, and the foster family has joined the ranks of the "Foster Fails." (It's a good thing . . . when you fail at fostering, you adopt the dog. There are many of us in HavaHeart Rescue who have earned this "badge.")


I've completed the foster (and/or adoption) application and I am in the Facebook group. How do I know what dogs are available for adoption? 

When a dog is ready for adoption and the foster family chooses not to "fail," the people who are already approved to adopt get the next opportunity to adopt one of our dogs. (Once you are approved to adopt, you are added to our private Facebook group.) The HHR reps will post pictures, videos, and information about the dogs in that group. If you are interested in the dog, post on the dog's info. Please note: This is not first come, first serve. Our goal is to match the dog to the family. We want happy dogs and happy families! 


I just saw a cute dog posted to the HavaHeart Rescue page on Facebook. Is the dog available for adoption? 

Maybe. We often use our happily adopted dogs on our social media posts. If the dog has a home, there will be a note. (It usually says something like, "NOTE: Cute dog to catch your attention. This dog has found its furever home!") If the dog is available, s/he will have a profile here.


Please visit this page to see our available dogs.​

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